Camino de Santiago  (St James Way)

Self-Guided walk - 
Optional add-on to Finisterre

When medieval pilgrims reached Santiago many continued to Finisterre  on the seacoast.   Until 1492 there was no knowledge of the world being round or of another continent across the sea so Finisterre was considered the "end of the earth".  It was a mysterious and sacred place since pre-historic times.  

From Santiago you can walk the route in 4 days and return by taxi to Santiago.  Or you can take a one day guided bus tour to see both Finisterre and Muxia.

Self-guided Walk:
Day 1  Santiago to Negreira   This is a path less travelled than the route from Sarria to Santiago so much of it is wild countryside with few people. Some of this day is through eucalyptus forest so there is shade.  There is one long climb of about 3 km  Legend says that the bridge at Negreira was destroyed to keep Roman soldiers from pursuing followers of St James  Distance 22 km.

Day 2 Negreira to Abeleiroas 
Some of today's route is on hard roads with much ascent.  There are few villages along the way.  Distance 26 km

Day 3 
Abeleiroas to Cee  
Today's walk is mostly downhill to the port town of Cee.  Distance 25 km

Day 4 Cee to Finisterre    This is coastal walking with the final two km into Finisterre on a sandy beach.  On arriving in Fisterre it is still another 6 km out the cape to the lighthouse and the true "end of the world".  Distance 21 km

Day 5 Depart  There are  buses that go between Finisterre and Santiago five times a day.  Some buses take 1.5 hours and others take 3 hours.   A taxi takes a little over one hour.

To continue to Muxia is another 30 km.

Cost for four nights:  $870 Cdn per person based on double occupancy.
Included: Four nights accommodation with private bath
                 Breakfast daily
                 Three dinners
                 Luggage transfer

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