Camino de Santiago 
(St James Way)

Self-Guided walk 

6 nights or 13 nights

History of the Camino de Santiago: 
 In 40 AD, according to legend, the body of the Apostle St James was clandestinely buried in Northern Spain. Centuries later, a hermit witnessed a shower of stars leading to James'  forgotten tomb. Further legend claims that during a battle with the Moors St James' ghostly apparition appeared to Christian soldiers spurring them to victory. The story of this miracle started the golden age of pilgrimage to Santiago with multitudes of wayfarers seeking the tomb of St James. Towns along the Camino hosted these travellers and today many villages have scarcely changed since the 1300's. In 1987 the Camino de Santiago was declared the first European Cultural Itinerary - one of the great footpaths of Europe.

Today's Camino: Traditionally there were various pilgrimage routes to Santiago but the main trail was called the French Route leading from France through the Pyrenees and across northern Spain. Today this trail is well-trodden and marked with signs showing the scallop shell symbol. The route traverses many types of terrain including mountains, plains and the gentle hills of Galicia.

This walk is sometimes done for spiritual reasons but many hikers on the Camino are there for adventure, challenge and camaraderie with fellow walkers from all over the world. 

Walkers' World Self-Guided Itinerary is for those who prefer to walk independently rather than with a group. A comfortable room with private bath is waiting at the end of each day. Luggage is transported from inn to inn so all walkers carry is their daily necessities.  An English speaking local tour host is on call for advice and assistance and a Spanish cell-phone is provided to contact the host or in case of emergency. 

The 13 night route starts at the magnificent city of Leon and covers the last 285 km of the trail in 13 days. This itinerary can be customised if you would like rest days or shorter distances on some of the days.

The 6 night walk starts at Sarria and covers the last 100 km of the trail into Santiago.

Independent walks can be arranged starting any day (subject to accommodation availability) but we suggest that the best time is from April to October. 

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