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Cycling Holidays

Bike and Barge Holidays -  cycle to explore lovely countryside, quaint villages and historic towns as you stay on a river barge. Your floating hotel moves with you so no packing and unpacking. Choose from:
Amsterdam to Bruges -  Netherlands -  start in exciting Amsterdam and cycle the quiet bicycle paths of Holland and Belgium. In the evening your river barge is waiting and docked in an interesting town.
Venice to Mantua - Italy - from Venice harbour along the River Po to fabled Mantua the river barges are floating hotels for cyclists as they ride on easy cycling paths.
Provence, France - cruise the Rhone River and cycle from historic Avignon through Arles to Aigues-Mortes. Explore the great vineyards of Provence
Passau to Vienna and Budapest Cycle the famous Danube Cycle Path by day and enjoy a Danube River Cruise each evening. Explore exciting Vienna and Budapest. 

Self-Guided Inn to Inn Cycling -  have accommodation pre-booked at comfortable inns and luggage transferred while you ride at your own pace.

The Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna - this seven night trip follows the River Danube on a traffic-free, paved cycle path with many quaint Bavarian and Austrian towns and historic sites along the way.
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