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 Amsterdam to Bruges

Travelling by barge and bicycle is a great way to explore the countryside of Holland and Belgium. By staying on a Dutch barge as it cruises along the canals and rivers, your hotel moves with you. Each day you bike on quiet cycle paths and each evening you can explore historic towns where the barge is docked. 

  • Cycle on easy flat paths amid the beautiful fields of Flanders
  • View the impressive 17th century windmills at Kinderdijk
  • Stop for a glass of Dutch beer.
  • Visit the former residence of the famous painter Toulouse-Lautrec
  • Explore medieval Bruges - a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Taste Dutch cheese in Gouda
  • Explore exciting Amsterdam
Five premium class barges make the seven night journey from Amsterdam to Bruges. Then the barges return the following week from Bruges to Amsterdam. You can start in either Amsterdam or Bruges.

Guests stay on board the barge and enjoy six days of guided biking along quiet cycle paths many of which follow the canals and on quiet country roads.
The four larger barges have two cycling guides so guests divide into two groups. A leader cycles with each group (one faster and one slower) For anyone who prefers to cycle independently, maps are provided.

All cabins have private facilities and are air conditioned. All cabins and areas below deck are non smoking.

The itineraries vary a bit since each barge has slightly different stopping places along the route.

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