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Winter 2024   

History of Malta
5900 BC  - early inhabitants
2350 BC  - Bronze Age warriors.
700 BC    - Phoenicians rule
218 BC    - Phoenicians fall to the Roman Republic.
599 AD    - Byzantines rule
870 AD    - Aghiabids (Arabic) take over
1091 AD  - Normans (who also rule Sicily) take over and Christianization begins. Sicily along with Malta change hands
                 among feudal rulers including Aragonese and Swabian
1530 AD  - Malta given to the Knights of the Order of St John (Hospitallers) in return for a single Maltese falcon.
1565 AD  - The great siege of Malta by the Ottomans is repulsed
1798 AD  - French First Republic takes Malta
1800 AD  - Maltese people rebel and French are driven out
1813 AD  - Malta becomes a British protectorate and serves as headquarters for the British Mediterranean fleet
1921 AD -  Britain grants self-government to Malta as a Crown Colony
1940 AD -  During WWII Malta is heavily bombed
1964 AD -  Independence
2004 AD -  Malta joins the European Union

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