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Winter holiday in Madeira, Portugal
Walking and Sightseeing 

  11 Feb - 20 Feb 2024   (9 nights)

  11 Feb - 23 Feb 2024   (12 nights)

  25 Feb - 05 Mar 2024   (9 nights)
  25 Feb - 08 Mar 2024   (12 nights)
Above dates are for accommodation, not flights

Madeira, the Garden Island  -  With its location just 300 km off the coast of Africa, the Portuguese island of Madeira is known as "the island of eternal spring" with a winter average high temperature of 17 degrees with many days reaching 23. The climate is deal for walking and Madeira offers scenic footpaths along the many "levadas" (irrigation channels). But there is more than just walking. The sub-tropical climate results in exotic vegetation and flowers. It also has highly regarded wine, artisan crafts, beautiful scenery, sea-faring traditions,  plus European  history - remember Henry the Navigator. Christopher Columbus lived here and studied navigation here before sailing to America.

Our holiday is based at the 4 star ocean-front Sentido Galosol Resort. Picturesquely set above the Atlantic at Canico on the south-east side of the island near the capital of Funchal, the hotel offers indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centre, yoga, bicycle rental and spa.  A nearby bus stop offers easy access into the town of Funchal where we find exquisite botanical gardens and exciting whale watching tours as well as wine-tasting and markets selling exotic fruits.

Madeira Carnival (Mardi Gras) takes place Feb 7 - 18 with an exciting parade in Funchal on Tuesday Feb 13,  During Carnival there are usually street performers and music in Funchal and sometimes the performers visit hotels to entertain guests. 

What to do in Madeira:
  • Enjoy moderate guided walks on Madeira's famous levadas
  • Explore the capital, Funchal, with its historic Old Town
  • Admire an amazing variety of exotic flowers in Madeira's many gardens.
  • Savour tropical fruit fresh from the tree.
  • Sign up for an optional whale and dolphin watching tour
  • Listen to a Fado singer as you sip Madeira wine.
  • Hear about Portugal's explorers stopping here enroute to the New World.
  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Mardi Gras (Carnival) in February

About our Madeira walking holiday: 
We stay at the same hotel for the entire holiday.  From here we enjoy guided walks  (two guides) and sightseeing excursions. Breakfast and dinners are included.

For Canadians - A passport with a validity of three months is required.
Covid19 tests are no longer required for entry 


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