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Greece       Walking with the gods   
Walking and Sightseeing on the Peloponese Mainland Greece

2018 dates:    Sept 28 - Oct 5

Join us walking in the spectacular Peloponese region of mainland Greece as we explore 5,000 years of history. In this land of Greek gods, heroes and legendary kings we visit ancient sites like the awesome Mycenaean palaces of Agamemnon and the ancient outdoor theatre of Epidaurus. We walk through countryside where the sheep bells are usually the loudest sounds and where wild oregano scents the hills. We sample wine from a vineyard that may have been in operation since the time of Hercules. But this region offers more than history. It has inviting beaches, lovely mountain ranges, hospitable people and lively tavernas serving wonderful Greek cuisine. Choose between gentle walks the Philosophers' group or a more challenging hike with the Olympians.

At the end of the walking holiday we offer an optional three day island cruise to Santorini, Crete, Patmos and Kusadasi. Or there is an optional one day tour to the amazing archaeological site at Dephi.  In ancient times kings, warriors and statesmen made a pilgrimage to Delphi to ask the oracle of Apollo for advice. It is still a magical place in a spectacular setting.
 - Explore the ancient sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus
 - Cruise for a day to walk on the islands of Hydra and Spetses
 - Stay six nights in the sea-side town of Tolo and one night in exciting Athens                         
 - Follow in the footsteps of Plato walking the Philosophers' Trail
 - Listen to fascinating stories of Greek gods and heroes

About Walkers World Rambles in Greece: 
We spend six nights in a seaside hotel in the town of Tolo on the Peloponese Peninsula and our last night in a hotel near the Acropolis in exciting Athens. Our walks are combined with sightseeing at historical sites. Walks are on a combination of hiking trails and quiet country roads.

Each day we divide into two groups: Philosophers and Olympians 
Philosopher walks are done at a relaxed pace with lots of stopping to contemplate and enjoy the scenery. This group walks a shorter distance than the "Olympian" group. Distance is less than 10 km per day with 300 metres of ascent or less. Our favourite Greek philosopher on these walks is Epicurus who believed in the "absence of suffering". 

Olympian walks are more energetic. Maximum distance could be up to 16 km with up to 500 metres of ascent. In spite of the name, these are not Spartan competitive athletic events and the emphasis is on having fun.

What makes Walkers World walking holidays special:
  • Professional guides are bilingual and know their history. .
  • A variety of restaurants offer a chance to sample local cuisine
  • Our private bus allows for a flexible schedule to suit our group. No waiting for public transport.
  • Having two levels of guided walking allows you to choose your pace.
  • A one day cruise to explore nearby islands is included.
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