Camino de Santiago (St James Way)
Guided walking tours

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the price include air fare?
Flights are not included in the cost of the walking tour. If you need assistance with travel arrangements Teachers' Travel / Walkers' World would be glad to help.

How do I get to Bilbao to start the 15 night itinerary?  It is a good idea if possible to arrive a day early. We can make a reservation at the Barcelo Nervion Hotel for you (the hotel where you are picked up for the start of the walk) or at other nearby hotels.

There are flights to Bilbao from Madrid, Frankfurt, Paris and London. 

It is possible to travel to Bilbao by bus or train from Madrid or Barcelona. Train schedules can be found (in English) on the Spanish Rail web-site  www.renfe.es/ingles    

How do I get to Leon to start the 9 night itinerary?
Frequent trains run from Madrid Chamartin Station to Leon (about 2.5 hours). On arrival in Leon you can take a taxi to the hotel (about 10 minutes)

How do I get home from Santiago de Compostela?  You can fly from Santiago Airport to Madrid  (or take a train)and from there get a connection to most cities. Trains run from Santiago to Madrid three times per day.  An alternative is to take a bus to Porto (about 3 hours) and fly home from there. Buses to Porto run at least three times a day and can be booked in advance online.

What equipment do I need?
Your luggage is carried by bus for you from hotel to hotel so you only need a small back-pack to carry water and extra clothing you may need that day. You do need comfortable hiking boots. A walking stick is helpful but you may have difficulty taking one on a plane. Walking sticks are usually for sale in shops along the way.

How many people are in a group?

We find the ideal number is 20. We have two guides and most days the group breaks into two sections, one faster, one walking at a slower pace and not so far.

What sort of people are usually in the group?
Ages vary. There have been thirty year-olds and people in their late seventies but we guess that the average is around sixty-five.  Mostly they are Canadians but we have had Australians, New Zealanders and Americans. Some travel as couples, some as singles.

I am on a special diet. What will I eat?
Our head guide is a vegetarian so the dining rooms along the way have become accustomed to this.  Other diets such as gluten-free can be accommodated but please let us know in advance about diets and any food allergies.

Can I drink the water?
Although our guides insist the water is fine we still recommend that you drink bottled water. You can buy this at shops along the Camino.

If I get tired and don't want to walk can I ride in the bus?
Yes. The guides can arrange this.

Are there toilet facilities along the way?
There are bars and cafes in villages. It is considered polite to buy something if you use their facilities.

How experienced are the guides?
Garry, our affable head guide, has guided Walkers World groups every year since 2004. He has walked (and cycled) the Camino many times. He is a qualified mountain guide and has taken the official safety training courses required under EU regulations. Originally Australian, he has a PHD from Oxford and speaks fluent Spanish (with an Australian accent). Garry lives in Santiago with his Spanish wife and sons.

Enrique lives in Spain and is fluent in English. He has walked the Camino many times. His special interest is good food.

Is it better to walk the Camino with a group or independently?
If you are traveling alone it is definitely better to walk with a group. If there are two or more of you you could choose to do an independent walk. Keep in mind, however, that if you are walking independently everyone in your party should walk at the same speed. For an independent walk it is necessary to decide in advance on daily distances so hotels can be pre-booked and arrangements made to transfer your luggage. If you plan to walk independently and stay in hostels these cannot be pre-booked and beds are assigned on a first come/first served basis. Beds in hostels are often in communal dormitory rooms and facilities can be primitive. If you walk with our group you will be assured of a comfortable bed, a private bathroom, a hot shower and a ride on the support bus if you need it.

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