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Guided Rambling Holidays in    Southern Tuscany

2024 Dates:       Saturday  May 11 - 18             Wednesday Sept 21 - 28                             

Join us to ramble through stunning Tuscan countryside, to explore villages that seem caught in a medieval time-warp.  Listen to strains of a Puccini opera wafting from an open window as you pause for a glass of wine or sip a fragrant cappuccino. This is the Italy of your imagination where there is always something fascinating, romantic or delicious around every bend in the trail.  Our hotel is located just outside the wonderful town of Siena with its medieval buildings, magnificent Duomo and Piazza del Campo.


  • Walk in beautiful Tuscan countryside.

  • Explore the fabled town of Siena with its Renaissance art treasures.

  • Enjoy Tuscan food and wine

  • Attend an optional performance of Italian opera in a church built in the 1600's

    About Walkers' World Southern Tuscany Rambles: 
    This Tuscany holiday is a "single-centred" walking holiday staying at one hotel for a week. Our private bus takes us to the start of the walks and brings us back to our hotel at the end of the day. Guided rambles show us the best of Southern Tuscan countryside with time to explore fascinating villages and historic sites. 

What makes our Walkers World Southern Tuscany walking holidays special:
  • Local professional guides are bilingual and love to show you their country.
  • A variety of restaurants offer a chance to sample Tuscan cuisine.
  • Having two guides means two levels of walking so you can choose your pace.
  • Wine is included with dinners.

Want a longer holiday? Combine a week in Southern Tuscany with a week in Eastern Tuscany. 

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