Via Francigena  (The Italian Camino)

Guided Walk on the medieval pilgrimage route
Tuscany to Rome
   14 - 23 May, 2022     18 - 27 September, 2022

Via Francigena:  
The history of this trail dates back to the days of Julius Caesar when all roads led to Rome.  Troops of the Roman Empire marched on a stone-paved, carefully engineered military road leading from northern Italy to Rome.
  Later, when the empire declined, the path deteriorated, stones disappeared and during the dark ages the the road was used only by merchants and itinerant clerics brave enough to risk bandits and and local violence. However, about the year 1000AD, new life was brought to the trail by a mass phenomenon of religious pilgrimage. For the next four centuries believers from all over Europe journeyed on foot to St Peter’s in Rome and knights were given the task of assuring safe passage.  Medieval tales are told of Robin-Hood type characters protecting wayfarers and of miracles happening en route. However, by the 1500’s, pilgrimage fell out of fashion and once again the footpath to Rome was forgotten.  It was only in 2009 that the Italian government, to promote eco-tourism, restored the ancient trail.  Way-markers now direct walkers through some of Italy’s loveliest countryside and through towns that have changed little since medieval times.

Our walk: 
In theory, the Via Francigena starts in Canterbury England and ends in Rome so to cover the entire route would take months. We walk only the final 130 km. We have two experienced guides so each day there is a choice of doing an easy walk at a relaxed pace or a longer, more challenging distance. A support bus is available for assistance if needed. Walking this historic route does wonders for body, mind and spirit but our walks have no religious focus although, for those who wish, a "Testimonium" certificate is available at St Peter's for anyone who walks the last 100 km (it is permissible to travel by bus from Formello to Monte Mario in Rome to avoid Rome's traffic).

Accommodation: is in three and four star comfortable inns chosen for their location, comfort and atmosphere.  

Level of Difficulty: The terrain is varied through pretty farmland, forests, national parks and small towns. There are sometimes hills when entering towns. Our support bus follows and is available at various junctions along the way.
Some of the highlights:
  • Arriving at the spectacular St Peter's Basilica in Rome.
  • Exploring lovely Orvieto.
  • Staying in a lakeside hotel at Bolsena and taking an evening stroll on the promenade.
  • Enjoying Italian food and wine.
  • Learning about Etruscan history.
  • Admiring frescoes by great Italian artists.
  • Dipping feet in therapeutic hot pools once frequented by popes.
  • Celebrating the finish at a roof-top restaurant overlooking the eternal city of Rome.

Our meeting point:  Orvieto     End of Tour:  Rome.

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