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Frequently Asked Questions about HF Walking Holidays in Britain: 

  • Fitness Required - if you remember that the British use the word "walking" for what North Americans would call "hiking" it will help.  On all holidays there is a choice of walk (hike) each day. Usually there are three choices of walks. Keep in mind that an easy walk in a flat area will be easier than the same level walk in a mountain area. Switching levels each day is permitted,  The guides will explain the walks the previous night.
  • The prices are in Great Britain Pounds. When are they converted to dollars?
    Exchange rates vary a bit from day to day. The conversion to dollars is done when you pay.
  •  Who goes on these walks?  Many weeks the group consists of mostly British people with some Americans and Canadians as well.  Many are singles. People of all ages participate although most are 50+. 
  • Why is there a membership charge?  HF Holidays is a "not-for-profit" organization that is tax exempt in Britain. Many British participants in the holidays are members but for those who wish to participate there is a "Associate Member" fee of 10 UK pounds per holiday.
  • What will you see on the walks? It varies. You will always see beautiful countryside but on some walks you will see more villages and historic sites than on others. The low level walks usually have more sightseeing than the high level walks.
  •  Does somebody meet me at the airport?  No - when you reserve a walking holiday we can assist you with information on the best way to arrive at the location using British Rail.
  • Who are the guides? The walks are operated by HF Holidays, Britain's largest and oldest walking tour company. The guides are highly trained volunteers who know the area well, in fact, HF have a pool of 700 walk leaders including teachers and National Park Wardens. Each one has taken the HF Holidays leader training course and been tested in both their hiking skills, leadership skills and local  knowledge.
  • What are the hotels like? HF Holidays own and manage the hotels. They cater exclusively to HF guests so the atmosphere is one of a private club.   Rooms are comfortable and have private bath.
  • What if I am a single?  Each hotel has a few small single rooms with one bed. There is no supplement for these rooms but they are limited and tend to get booked up early   If you would like a double room for your own use there is a charge..   
  • How early should I book? If you book at the last minute you may not be able to get your choice of location or room type. Many guests go on these walks year after year and book early when bookings open in September for the following year.
  • Can I try the holidays for less than a week? At most locations in Britain there are 3 and 4 night packages as well as 7 night holidays.
  • Who are Teachers' Travel?  We are an IATA travel agency in Toronto Canada and have been in business since 1970. We started our business dealing only with teachers but since then our business has expanded. We are North American representative for HF Holidays. Many teachers go on these tours but also retired teachers and people from other professions.

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