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Self-Guided Cycling    2018

 Danube Cycle Path
Passau to Vienna

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get to Passau?   There are frequent trains from Munich. The trip takes a little over two hours.

2. How fit do I need to be?  The Danube Cycle Path is mostly flat and paved so the cycling is not strenuous.

3, What sort of bikes are used?  The bikes are touring bikes with aluminum frame, mudguards, trip computers, comfort gel seats, flat-palmed grips, new Schwalbe Marathon anti-puncture tires.. You can choose between a 7 speed bike with hand brake and backpedal brake or a 21 speed with hand brakes. Ebikes are also available. All bikes are equipped with a 20 litre pannier.

4. What happens if my bike breaks down?  When you start you receive vouchers that can be used at authorised repair shops along the way. The Danube Cycle Path has many cycle shops along the way so they are never far away. If help is not available you can phone the local tour company in Vienna. Some of the hotels along the way stock extra bikes.

5. Can I rent a helmet?  Helmets are not mandatory .but we recommend you wear one. They are available to purchase for 22 euros. We suggest you take your own helmet.

6. How can I get into Vienna without traffic?   There is a traffic free way into the city, Your route notes will instruct you.  When you arrive be sure to try the world famous sachertorte with whipped cream!

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